Comfortable short-term stay

Imagine renting an unfurnished apartment and not sure how long would you be staying in. Moreover, you don't want to invest a lot by buying furniture which needed for a comfortable living. We've got it right for you. Rent essential furniture at lowest and most affordable EMIs at RentalFurniture.in and have a happy life.

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Addicted to comfort? Rent it!

Yes, it is difficult to let go of our homely comforts. Rent our most comfortable sofas, beds, wardrobes, dining set, TV, fridge, washing machine and many more at rental plans most suited for your needs. Some of our rental plans start as low as 52.

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Feel at home and not spend on it.

Why invest lakhs of rupees to buy furniture? Rent brand new furniture with our long term plans for a fraction and set-up your home in a week to suit your living standards.

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New to renting furniture? Worry not. It is easy and affordable.

Renting furniture is easier than before. We offer short term plans like 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year along with long term plans, viz., 2 years, 3 years and 5 years to suit your needs. All our long term plan subscribers are delivered brand new furniture, always! Yes, and it is most affordable as compared to our industry peers for the exact same specifications and quality.

Why choose RentalFurniture.in?

We, at rentalfurniture.in, aim to provide great furniture at lowest rentals, hassle free at your doorstep. We also ensure you get best quality furniture at most affordable value, a true value. Currently we are operational in Pune area and would soon be available in other cities. Some of the benefits of renting furniture from us is as below:
Brand new furniture guaranteed on all our long term plans.
Same day installation on the day of delivery.
Hassle free payment options for all subscription plans
No transportation costs for delivery / pickup

Be rest assured your comfort and ease is taken well care of by RentalFurniture.in

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