Subscription Tenure

What are the subscription tenures I can choose from?
You can choose from 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years tenure as your subscription plan.
What is considered as a long term subscription tenure?
The subscription plans of 2 years, 3 years and 5 years are long term plans.
What is considered as a short term subscription tenure?
The subscription plans of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year are short term plans.
What are the benefits of choosing long term subscription tenure?
We deliver brand new furniture products to our customer who choose our long term plans.
How is renting different than buying?
When a person buys a product, he or she pays the entire value of the product upfront and enjoys the ownership of the product. But when a person rents a product, he or she agrees to use the product at a certain rental amount for a specific tenure and return back the products at the end of the tenure.

Documentation and Verification

Are there any documents required before placing the order?
No. You don’t need any documents before placing the order. Although, once the payment is made you are required to share a few documents for verification. Upon successful verification, the order placement is completed.
What are the typical documents required?
For individuals, a copy of PAN card, permanent address proof, delivery address proof (if different than permanent address), and copy of Aadhaar Card.
Is Aadhaar mandatory?
Yes. Copy of Aadhaar is mandatory.


Are the products brand new?
We always deliver brand new furniture products to our long term subscribers. For short term subscribers, we deliver either new or mildly refurbished products.
Do you ship refurbished products?
Yes, we ship mildly refurbished products which are as good as new condition. We ensure all hygiene care is take care of before assigning the product.
Do you ship used mattresses?
No. We don't ship or deliver used mattress. In fact we only sell a mattress at discounted prices.
What wood do you use in your products?
We use good quality engineered wood, pine wood, jungle sagwan, etc. in our products.
What happens if I find a problem with any of my subscribed products?
All our products are QC done. In case if it is a manufacturing defect which results in a product which cannot be used (e.g., broken leg of a bed), we will replace it free of cost and rent would not be charged if informed within 7 days from delivery. if informed after 7 days from delivery, the rent would be charged.
The product image colours and the one actually delivered is different. Are the materials too different?
It is our endeavour to deliver the products shown in the images as they are. But every consignment differs and thus, there may be a slight difference between products subscribed in two different time period. The materials and build quality doesn't differ.
What happens if the product is defective upon delivery?
Just email us at within 7 days from delivery and we will replace the product.

Delivery & Pickup

How soon can my products be delivered?
We deliver the product within 7 days from the date of complete order placement.
Can I choose the date of delivery?
Our logistics team member will get in touch with you to coordinate the suitable date of delivery. Although, there may be a situation where we may not be able to deliver at a date and time of your choosing. We request you to kindly have flexible dates in for delivery process to run smoothly.
Is the delivery and installation free of charge?
Yes, delivery and installation is completely free.
Is the installation done on the same day of delivery?
Yes, Installation will be done at the time of delivery. Just sit back and relax! There would be no room for anxiety of unpacking the products and its assembly.
Is pickup of subscribed products initiated automatically upon end of subscription period?
Yes. The pickup of the product will be scheduled and coordinated with our logistics team at the end of subscription tenure.
Are there any transportation charges for pickup?
No. There would be any transportation charges for routine pickup at the end of subscription period. In case of early termination of subscription, you need to intimate us on 14 days prior to your ideal date of pickup of products.

Damage, Destruction & Theft

Are the products insured against damages?
We fully understands the difference between the wearing-out due to routine usage and the damage of product. The wearing out is covered under our "Damage, Destruction and Theft Policy".
We have pets, they might damage soft furniture. What should we do if they destroy the cushions or sofa?
In case of damage of the product, our product inspection team shall prepare an assessment for the damage or destruction of the product. A reasonable repairs cost would be charged and deducted from your security deposit. In case it has been assessed by our Product Inspector that product has been destroyed and is beyond repairs, it will be treated as sale of product. The subscriber shall be charged with an additional amount towards the sale of the product, as per the price of product listed our website.
How to assess how much damages amount? And how do we pay them.
Our product assessment team has experts who can gauge the damage and its repairs cost. We usually recover them from the security deposit. In case if repairs cost is over and above the security deposit amount, it may be charged additionally.

Relocation & Transport

Is relocation facility available?
Currently we operate only in Pune area. Thus re-location facility is not being provided. Although, we would soon have operations in other major cities where we can provide relocation facility.
Is transportation charged if transport facilities provided by
Transportation may be charged at a reasonable cost.
What is the process of initiating the relocation facility?
Please write us 30 days prior notice at for initiating relocation.

Returns and Cancellation

Is there a minimum subscription period?
Yes. A minimum subscription tenure is for 3 months.
What happens if I cancel before the end of minimum subscription period?
You can terminate subscription before the end of minimum subscription period. In such an event, Furnally would fully retain the initial deposit. Pro-rata rent for the month and any other charges as applicable would be charged. Balance amount will be refunded.
What happens if I cancel after the minimum subscription period but before the end of subscription tenure?
"In case of early termination of the entire package or partial package / product/s, the difference in monthly rental rates between 'Contract tenure' (the tenure selected at the time of order placement) and 'Actual tenure' (effective tenure at early closure) for the selected items will have to be paid. The applicable tenure rates for early closure are:
• Up to 3 months: Full 3 months rental amount due.
• Between 3-6 months: 3 months rental rate shall be charged.
• Between 6-12 months: 6 months rental rate shall be charged.
• Between 12-24 months: 12 months rental rate shall be charged.
• Between 24-36 months: 24 months rental rate shall be charged.
• Between 36-60 months: 36 months rental rate shall be charged.
Also, 2,500 shall be charged as transport expense in case of early termination of the subscription."

Change in Tenure

Can I Extend the subscription tenure?
Yes, you can always extend the subscription tenure. Also enjoy rate benefit upon extension of tenure. Please raise your request on
Are there any charges for change in tenure?
No. There are no charges for change in tenure.
Will I be able to enjoy benefit of reduced EMIs as a result of extension in subscription tenure?
Yes. You can enjoy rate benefit upon extension of your tenure. E.g., if your EMI for Maxi 3-Seater Sofa is ₹596 subscribed for 6 months, you new EMI may become ₹306 when you opt for 3 year plan.

Payments & Refunds

Are there multiple payment options?
Yes. There are multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, SI / NASH.
Is payment of security deposit mandatory?
Yes. Security deposit is basically to cover ourselves in case of damages, destruction or theft of our products. Security deposit will not be charged when you buy the product from us.
When does the billing cycle start?
The billing cycle starts from the date of delivery of the product. In case if the products are delivered in parts, the billing cycle will start from the date of first product being delivered and the remaining products will be charged pro-rata.
How soon will I get back the refund amount?
The refund will be processed within 5 working days from pickup of products and all charges being paid.

Referral Program

What is the referral program and who can benefit from it?
A referral program is an opportunity for our existing customers to refer a new customer and enjoy referral benefits. The existing customer and the new referred customer would benefit from this referral program.
How much referral benefit can a person earn?
For each friend (referral recipient) who rents / buys furniture using a customer’s referral code from, both the referrer and the referral recipient get one month’s rent off up to Rs. 1000 on their respective monthly subscription.
How does the referral benefits work?
Referral bonus can be earned by inviting someone else i.e. friends and family. Simply share your referral code with your reference and use that code to earn the referral benefit.

Any Other Queries

If you have any other queries, feel free to write to us at

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